From our inception in 1836, when Stephen Holland and Frederick Sherry began as woolen merchants in London’s Golden Square, Holland & Sherry has specialized in the finest textiles for the apparel industry. Ranging from sumptuous wools and silks to rugged Scottish tweeds, the collection became the benchmark for quality and craft in the nineteenth century. Having established a regional reputation for providing the best in apparel cloths to tailors and luxury brands, our company grew as distribution broadened worldwide. Holland & Sherry later moved to Savile Row where the apparel division remains a fixture today. 


In 1998, Holland & Sherry Interiors was born out of this legacy. Taking inspiration from these traditional apparel fabrics, our interiors textiles have a transitional quality suited for all aspects of the decorated room. With wool, our most celebrated natural fiber, we have pushed the boundaries of design and performance to create a collection defined by excellence and rooted in heritage. 


In addition to fabrics, Holland & Sherry has developed collections which range across product categories from custom embroidery, rugs, wallcovering and trim, to leather and hardware. Every item we produce reflects our core values of quality and craftsmanship, in keeping with what Holland & Sherry started more than 180 years ago. 

Custom Product

In addition to our standard range of products, Holland & Sherry is also known for the immense depth of our custom capabilities.

Our custom embroidery, one of the most exquisite collections available in interiors, is designed in Paris and showcases luxurious materials and innovative techniques hand-worked by German artisans. Consisting of hand-knotted wool, silk, and a range of other natural materials, our rug collection is completely custom in color, size, design and fiber selection. We also offer customization on all of our printed and painted wallcoverings, many of our leathers, and more. Developing completely unique designs for our clients is one of our defining skills and greatest pleasures. 

Our Mill

The Holland & Sherry mill in Tome, Chile is the core symbol of our devotion to fully vertical textile production for interiors. From dyeing the wool fiber and spinning the yarns to weaving and finishing, all facets of the manufacturing process are fulfilled within these walls. With the ability to produce and ship over one million meters of wool and linen per year, the Holland & Sherry mill at Crossville is the most important asset to our company.


The production of fine fabrics starts with raw material, which is carefully sourced in New Zealand, Australia, and Patagonia. The natural materials are sorted, dyed, and then spun into various yarns including our celebrated melange wool yarn. The fabrics are then woven, mended, and finished with the same care our company has been known for since 1836. The state of the art machinery and artisan techniques insure continuity in producing the finest worsted wool qualities in the world. The simple fact that our mill is fully vertical gives Holland & Sherry in house quality control as well as unparalleled flexibility in design.


Holland & Sherry believes in environmental responsibility. Our mill generates its own energy for production and heating through renewable clean burn resources such as wood pellets and agricultural by-products like walnuts and hazel nut shells. The water used in all processes is strictly regulated so it can be returned to a neutral ph and used as drinking water. All fiber and yarn waste is over-dyed and reused or donated to like-minded industries for use as filling in furniture and bedding.